Help change the way we think about male circumcision in the UK

imagesCould you help change the way that people think about medically unnecessary male circumcision in the UK?

While the ritual of female circumcision (or female genital mutilation) is illegal in the UK, it is still legal for people to painfully cut off a boy’s foreskin without anaesthetic in a non medical setting. As a result baby boys can be damaged and injured and in some cases bleed to death. Campaigners also claim that too many “therapeutic” circumcisions are performed on boys where alternative, non-surgical remedies could be used.

The National Conference for Men and Boys has helped raise awareness of this issue with the support of organizations like Norm UK, Genital Autonomy and Men Do Complain who have attended previous events.

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One of the men working hard to change our thinking on male circumcision needs a little support to take his work to the next stage.

Brian Earp is a researcher, writer and speaker who has been awarded a partial scholarship to complete a  Master’s program at the University of Cambridge where he will undertake new research on the history, philosophy and ethics of circumcision.

Brian has been helping to forward the international debate on male circumcision for a decade and now hopes to find “a new angle to tackle that hasn’t been written about to date, discovering a way to make a historically and medically informed ethical argument that really changes how people think about circumcision”.

To help him do this Brian needs to raise a further $10,000 and has launched a crowd-funding campaign which you can contribute by visiting his online fundraising page here.

To find out more about the debate around unnecessary male circumcision in the UK see:

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