Sector Gathering – Friday 27th Sept

The key event of this year’s  Third National Conference for Men and Boys 2013 is the Sector Gathering on Friday 27th September.

This is the UK’s leading event for everyone who is committed to improving the lives of men and boys in the UK.

The Sector Gathering is a unique opportunity for people who work with men and boys to get together, share their experience and learn from each other. This event is for the grassroots of the men and boys sector, for the people who stand shoulder and shoulder with men and boys and help them improve their lives.

Its for health workers and family workers; people who mentor boys and young men; those who work with young offenders; anyone who’s helping dads; professionals tackling men’s mental health issues and male suicide; people working with male victims of domestic and sexual violence; people working with older men, GBT men, BME men.

If you’re helping men and boys through your work then we’d love you to come along to the sector gathering and share your experience—and find out what your can learn from other people’s experience in the process.

The theme of this year’s Sector Gathering is ‘Into The Mainstream’ and will be an Open Space-style event giving the UK’s men and boys’ sector a unique opportunity to take ownership of the conference agenda on the day.

Timetable For The Day

0830: Registration

0900: Opening plenary. Who’s here? Why are we here? What do we need  to get from the day to help us take men and boys’ issues into the mainstream?

0930: Pitches for Session One on the theme of “Tell Us What You Do”. For delegates who have a unique approach to working with men and boys that they what to share with others – this is your opportunity to make a case for showcasing your work.

1000: Session One: Tell Us What You Do Breakouts – delegates choose which men and boys’ projects they want to find out more about.

1045: Morning Break 

1115: Pitches for Session Two on the the “How Do You Do That?” For delegates who have a specific skills they want to pass on to others – this is your opportunity to invite your peers to spend a session with you.

1145: Session Two: Show Us How You Do That Breakouts – you choose which delegate you want to spend a session learning new skills with.

1230: Lunch

1330: Pitches for Session Three: “Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If?” Have you got a problem that you want to address or a big idea you help bringing to life? In this session

1400: Session Three: choose from a series of collaborative workshops where delegates come together to solve big problems and help develop new solutions by answering the question “Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If?”

1530: Afternoon Break 

1600: Closing Plenary. Reflections. Ideas. Commitments. What have we learnt from the day? What new ideas have we created? What actions will we take next?

1700: Close

VENUE: THE BRIGHTHELM CENTRE, BRIGHTON & HOVE (Click here for venue and accommodation details)

To find out more about this event contact:                                                                        07981 334222                                                                    07776 001823