Meet The Team

Glen portrait 2Glen Poole is Director of the consultancy Helping Men, UK co-ordinator for International Men’s Day, Editor of The International Men’s Movement section of the Good Man Project magazine and lead host for the Third National Conference for Men and Boys 2013. To find out more about Glen visit the Helping Men website or follow him on twitter @HelpingMen

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DrSasha_for_website_comprDr Sasha Mitrofanov, PhD has for years been helping men create fulfilled and purposeful lives through a combination of high-efficiency, no-holds-barred psychological interventions. Sasha helps his clients tackle panic attacks, depression, OCD, addictions and spiritual issues. To find more about Sasha, see

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Michael van Rensburg is passionate bout Customer Service and is inspired by the nurturing capacity men possess. Michael has spent the last 15 years studying Jungian thought and has become immersed in the study of language and its effects on human beings ability to create future or remain stuck in the past.
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 Dr David Bloodwood has 30 years experience in men’s work in Australia, a PhD in men and gender politics, and lifelong experimentation in clothes design for male bodies.  He is now based in London involved in empowering men around self-expression and claiming new forms of social participation. His clothing label, Bloodwood – beyond trousers, is launching shortly.  More about David at
Email:                   Phone:  0777 600 1823

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Graham Tuthill is a Brighton based Shiatsu Therapist.  He has been aware of what was generically termed the Men’s Movement since 1975 and has attended numerous conferences and workshops over the course of time related to raising awareness around Male issues and social responsibility.  He is proud to be associated and involved with the creation of the forthcoming Men’s Conference to be held in Brighton this year.
Email:       Phone: 07901 921 634



Tricia McLeod has extensive experience in social justice having worked at senior level in local government and charities.  She is the mother of three sons and has a  passionate interest in issues facing men and boys. She runs small  groups for men particularly focusing on addressing issues around sexuality and relating to women.

Email:  Phone: 07973 468 241