Can you help launch the world’s first testicle shaped hot air balloon?

The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC) is on a mission to build a giant hot balloon in the shape of a pair of testicles—they say it will be the “ultimate awareness tool”.

The ‘Skyballs’ project is backed by comedian Chris O Dowd (who features in the video above) and aims to spread the message that early detection of testicular cancer saves lives.

Men are 60% more likely to get the cancers that affect both sexes and 70% more likely to die from those cancers, beating male cancer is one of the topics of conversation that we focus on every year at the National Conference for Men and Boys.

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Research into male cancer reveals that we put less time, energy and money into tackling cancer in men than women as we outlined in our recent post male cancer campaigns on the rise:

MCAC is an innovative campaign that uses blokey humour to raise awareness of cancer amongst and is best known for its mascot “Mr Testicles” who travels up and down the country spreading the word

According to Mr Testicles and his friends there are FIVE REASONS why the world needs a hot air balloon shaped like a gigantic testicles right now:

1. The death of young men to testicular cancer can be prevented. 

2. Ignorance & embarrassment are just two reasons this cancer causes any more trouble than it needs to. The way we can stop this is through awareness & confrontation.

3. A massive flying ballsack will be impossible to ignore. And hopefully chip away at the taboos still surrounding this nasty little cancer. 

4. Our balloon will also have a lifespan & a cost efficiency that will outperform any other media initiative: It is reusable, easily transported globally and should last us at least 10 years.

5. It’s a massive pair of flying gonads!  

The charity has launched a campaign to raise £100,000  by September to build the balloon. To find out more today visit MCAC’s fundraising page here now.

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