Workshops At The Big Man Gathering


A Men of all backgrounds are invited to attend this year’s Big Man Gathering II, a weekend of unique workshops and activities set amongst the tents, yurts, campfires and woodlands of the beautiful WoWo campsite in Sussex.

The event is created by some of the leading practitioners working with men in the UK today as part of the 3rd National Conference for Men and Boys, so if you’re a man who is interested in personal growth and development then why not join us for a day or even spend the whole weekend with us at this year’s Big Man Gathering.

For details of the timetable of activities that take place on each day see:

There are a series of collective activities throughout the day and everyone who comes to the Big Man Gathering can also take part in two smaller workshops which are listed below:


Workshop One: Embrace The Joy Within – Loving The Man You’ve Become with Marc Broderic of Wisdom Walks

The first of two WisdomWalks, this group coaching experience will combine a walk in the woods with a conversation to free you from the constraints of the past and give you a joyful experience of being alive and being a man.

Workshop Two: Menspeak with Kenny D’Kruz

Men’s Group – hanging out and checking in with who and where we are right now

Workshop Three: Ultimate Emotional Resilience: Laughing in the Face of Adversity with Dr Sasha Mitrofanov of Become Authentic

You will discover how to be peaceful and happy in the midst of challenging life events without the need to suppress any unpleasant emotions. This workshop does NOT require one to be able to meditate, or to think positively, and provides a universal solution without the need for a specific religious or spiritual world view (even though it is congruent with what most spiritual traditions teach).

Workshop Four: Awaken The Inner King with Paul Howell of Clarity Coaching 

Exploring the 3 Kings (Archetypal, Political, Personal) in relation to personal life context and mission of service in the world.


Workshop Five: Deeper into meditation with Rodney Browne

A deeper experience in meditation and a new perspective of consciousness, mind, self, life etc

Workshop Six: The wild man within – The Quest for fire! with Rob Fallon from Wild Nature

Ever wanted to now how to rub 2 sticks together to make fire – here is your chance! A master class lesson in the basics, and an experience of the skill and awareness of our ancestors.

Workshop Seven: Men Beyond 50 with Max Mackay-James and Kenny D’Kruz

Open to all who are curious and want to hang out together, share what is different and explore everything to do with the second half of life. It’s a gas

Workshop Eight: What’s on Top? A Meditative Experience with Barry Fowler

Guided silence, Standing or sitting in a circle. Physicality in Silence. Supported Share.

Workshop Nine: Live Beyond the Shadow of Survival with Mark Broderic

In this Shadow Work® Experience you will bring a part of the survival instinct out of the shadows and explore and understand the true essence of your shadow and finding the powerful, joyful expression within it.


Workshop Ten: Die-a-Log with Max Mackay-James

Light-hearted and serious talk to help break the taboo about death and dying

Workshop Eleven: Touching the Sacred Wild with Rob Fallon

A guided class taking you beyond the normal confines of perceived reality, in a safe fun environment. Experience the world through an expanded sense of awareness you may never have known existed.

Workshop Twelve: Instant Enlightenment: Tapping into Your Inner Peace with Dr Sasha Mitrofanov of Become Authentic

This workshop will provide with an effective self-care technique to manage any challenging emotions as they are happening – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Fundamentals of EFT will be introduced in conjunction with a spiritual (non-denominational) paradigm aimed to provide a shortcut to reaching one’s Enlightenment without the need to spend decades of your life searching for it. This workshop does NOT require one to be able to meditate (even though ability to step back from one’s thinking will certainly be of benefit!), and builds on common-sense wisdom.

Workshop Thirteen: Living A Created Future – A Man With A Mission – Be The Man You Want To Be with Mark Broderic

The second of two WisdomWalks™, this group coaching experience will combine a walk in the woods with a conversation to explore and create your future and the kind of man you want to be…


Workshop Fourteen: Learning From The Ancestors – Heal The Wounds And Claim The Gifts Of Your Lineage – Hypnosis with Mark Broderic and Nicola Dexter

In this Shadow Work® Experience you will bring a part of the survival instinct out of the shadows and explore and understand the true essence of your shadow and finding the powerful, joyful expression within it. Creating space where we look at the gifts from the ancestors. Looking at wounds and shame, carried for the ancestors. Getting access to the gifts of the ancestors, to bring that to future purpose and mission in life.

Workshop Fifteen: Relationship and Sexual Empowerment for men with Trisha McLeod 

Are you searching for a safe, friendly and supportive “men’s” group run BY a  woman FOR men aimed at discussing questions of a sexual nature around approaching and connecting with Women? Do you have questions around the themes of “sexuality, sensuality and intimacy with women”? Would it make a difference to you to recieve some practical help and guidance? Would you like to be part of a small men’s group network  centred around openness, honesty and respectfulness, that seeks to help, support and empower each other in these topics?” This will be a taster session that will enable us to look at some of these issues and to focus on how we take this work forward together .

Workshop Sixteen: Menspeak – Men’s Group with Kenny D’Kruz

A deeper sense of self, connection with other men, stimulation and awareness, a good laugh and tools to take away and use immediately. Tools to take a man from ‘Am I?’ to “I am”.

Workshop Seventeen: The Masculine Feminine Dance with Jakkie Talmage of MindBody Courses and Glen Poole of the AllMen Project

A workshop to explore the potential of the masculine and feminine powers in all of us.

To book your tickets for the Big Man Gathering today click here now

To find out more contact us today:

Michael van Rensburg             07733 360838

Dr Sasha Mitrofanov                    01273 556159

Dr David Bloodwood                    07776 001823

Glen Poole                                             07981 334222

2 thoughts on “Workshops At The Big Man Gathering

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  2. You appear to have a good selection of workshops arranged but I see no mention of the issue of false allegations of domestic violence. Non-molestation orders etc have become part of the gamesmanship of divorce and separation cases and are routinely used by women and their solicitors against men to gain the upper hand to secure occupation orders, custody of children and better financial settlements. They are dished out willy nilly in the family courts where there is no burden of proof, based on a signed affidavit from the woman that often contain malicious lies and exaggerations; they very often have nothing to do with genuine domestic violence. The attitude of the judiciary is that they don’t stop a man doing something he shouldn’t be doing anyway, so they tend to issue the order as a safe bet. This is of course is complete and utter nonsense, apart form the stigma of a non-molestation order and the sexual connotations of the word “molestation”, they put men in an incredibly precarious position completely at the mercy of the woman who can have the man arrested, convicted and possibly imprisoned just for talking to her or having a disagreement about the selling price of the family home. As someone that has fallen victim of this practice I feel strongly that this issue needs to be raised. Women’s Aid are constantly broadening the definition of domestic violence and it can now be shoe horned to fit even the most minor of domestic disputes. Men are the easy targets and feminist political correctness has recently been exposed at the Ministry of justice, i.e. at the very heart of our legal system.

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