Government ignores male victims says TV lawyer

PreviewFile.jpgTV lawyer Marilyn Stowe has slammed the government’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for ignoring the plight of male victims of domestic violence.

According to Stowe, a family law practitioner and resident legal expert on ITV’s This Morning, The MoJ’s online guidance on legal aid for victims of domestic violence excludes men, saying:

“To get legal aid you must be able to give your solicitor some evidence that you have been a victim of domestic violence by your partner or husband.”

Writing about the issue on her blog, Stowe said:

“Domestic violence against men does exist more frequently  than many people imagine, and it certainly should not be casually disregarded in this way. If the government feels that it is appropriate to hang ‘women only’ signs out on a website about practical help for victims, where are men in need supposed to turn?

“It is another message from the establishment that the distress of male victims is imaginary. In the 21st Century we should be beyond lazy stereotypes of women as passive victims and men as perpetual villains.”

Thanks to Karen Woodall at the Centre for Separated Families for flagging up Stowe’s comments which you can see in full here.

We will be discussing the challenges faced by male victims of domestic violence at this year’s 3rd National Conference for Men and Boys. To buy your ticket today click here now.

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One thought on “Government ignores male victims says TV lawyer

  1. There is no doubt that this is clear discrimination based on gender and therefore totally unacceptable – but not unfamiliar from government departments. However, it may be largely irrelevant. As Lucy Reed has dug out, only very few applications for family legal aid have been granted (3 so far), and they need not be DV cases – my guess would be international abduction, public law or independent representation cases. I doubt that even female victims of DV have much hope of getting legal aid.

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