Time to Tackle Misandry and Dismantle the Matriarchy?

thinking men version 2We often hear about Misogyny and Patriarchy in gender debates – but not so much about Misandry and Matriarchy – so it was surprising to see Jack O Sullivan tackling the subject in today’s Guardian.

Jack is an occasional commentator on men’s issues – notably fatherhood – and has been around the debate since the nineties when he co-founded Fathers Direct (now the Fatherhood Institute).

According to Jack:

“Feminism has reinforced rather than challenged – or even acknowledged – matriarchy. It is an environment in which male spokesmen for change are unlikely to be nurtured. When they do articulate their views or concerns, they are often ridiculed or ignored by women. Misandry can be as nasty as misogyny and is as widespread (just check the internet). Smart men play safe and stay out of it. We’re so conditioned, we don’t even talk to each other.

“Why are we ridiculed when we talk about ourselves? Perhaps because men are assumed to be inherently powerful, with nothing to complain about. It’s a mistake. We urgently require an updated theory of gender that acknowledges there are, and always have been, discrete areas of female power and male powerlessness, not simply female powerlessness. Patriarchy did not rule alone. There was also matriarchy – and there still is.

“A revolution is taking place in masculinity, but much of it is below the radar and denied, even when well-documented. This transformation is about much more than “helping” women and addressing their complaints. If we want to hear about it, then we need democratic personal, private and domestic spaces where men feel comfortable to speak. That might generate a more open, less condemning public space. Until then, women will continue to find themselves shouting into the silence about issues that we need to confront together.”

For those who want space to talk about men’s issues then a great place to start is The Thinking Men event during this year’s conference on Thursday 26th September.


To find out more about the Thinking Men event click here now.

To read Jack’s full article see The Guardian.

To read more about Misandry read Ally Fogg’s blog post here.

—Photo Credit: geishaboy500/Flickr


4 thoughts on “Time to Tackle Misandry and Dismantle the Matriarchy?

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  2. Great article! It’s about time feminism was exposed for being the nonsense that it is.

    As for the patriarchy, it is true that males, not just in humans, but across the animal kingdom are inherently majestic or “powerful”.

    Throughout human evolution and history, in most cultures, men have been looked
    upon by both sexes as superior. Throughout the agricultural revolution, men were stronger, more resourceful and innovative. This is also seen in warrior cultures. Hence, men have been greatly more valued than women. This is true, even today. It is seen most prominently in the intellectual realm.

    One of the biological reasons for this, stems from what is known as “male variance”. Males show great variation; a phenomenon that is found throughout the animal kingdom. In humans, the male variance is 10%. From this we can see that that there are about twice the number of retarded men as there are retarded women. However, the curve is such that there will be 9 times more men than women at the superior intelligence (near-genius) levels which exponentially increases to 14 times more intelligent men at the genius level. At this level, women are completely off the radar.

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