Labour Party starts thinking men again

Think Tanks, Labour Party, Conservative Party, Diane Abbot, Jon Cruddas, IPPR, Demos,  masculinity crisis, fathers, thinking men, sector gathering,There are signs that the Labour Party is starting to think about the way the left approaches men and boys’ issues, with two senior MPs giving speeches on fatherhood and masculinity this week.

The way different political groups approach men’s issues will be  a topic of conversation at the 3rd National Conference for Men and Boys and in particular during the Day Two: Thinking Men event and the Day Three Sector Gathering.

The MPs in question are Diane Abbot, who will give a talk on Britain’s Crisis Of Masculinity at the centrist think tank Demos on Thursday and Jon Cruddas who gave a speech on fatherhood at the centre left think tanks IPPR on Monday.

Cruddas, who is Labour Party’s policy co-ordinator, said:

“The Conservatives have dominated debate about the family with their stereotype of a feckless underclass of absent fathers. They’ve concentrated on demonising a small minority and ignored the majority.
Many fathers…..feel that the Conservatives have failed them.”

On Thursday, Diane Abbot is expected to say:

‘Tomorrow, too many British men and boys will wake up isolated and misdirected by a boundless consumer outlook, economic instability and whirlwind social change.

‘Tomorrow, too many British men and boys who need the space and support to talk about manhood, expectations and boundaries from an early age, at schools, with other boys, and with their parents will remain silent.

“And I believe we need to say loudly and clearly, that there is a powerful role for fathers. The truth is that just as loving fathers are a benefit to children, so loving families are a benefit to men.”

If you have something to contribute on the political debate about which parties are best equipped to tackle men and boys issues then join us at this year’s National Conference or Men and Boys.

We welcome contributions from people with viewpoints and experience from across the political spectrum.

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2 thoughts on “Labour Party starts thinking men again

  1. there is a major problem – around 54% of the electorate are women and ALL the political parties court this vote. Other problem is that women’s and feminist groups are so well organised that they portray that they can mobilise the whole women’s vote. I have seen umpteen occasions over this past few years where political parties have capitulated to the slightest threat from the matriarchy. Men on the other hand are more individualistic – no political clout.

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